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its not about taylor anymore

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but, I want her to sleep in our bed

Worked 8-5 today, it went by pretty fast. Kinda upset Shay left mid shift, but she didn't feel good and neither did her son so I understood why she wanted to go home. These 9hr shifts have gotten so much better, there not so long and I'm not staring at the clock so much, I'm getting back into the swing of things (:

When I came home today there was a letter from MassHealth, FINALLY! I've been waiting for this letter for 3months, opened it, denied. Are you kidding me? Ian makes more than I do, he works more than I do and HE even gets MassHealth. It gave reasons as to why I got denied and one of them was "not a parent of a child under 19" WTF?! They really are trying to say I'm not a parent, when I sent in all of Auggie's info when I sent in my application. August is under Ian's insurance though? When we were in the hospital, some insurance lady came in my room at like, 6am telling me she was going to put us all under a family plan and all she needed was 2 of Ian's pay stubs, and my birth certificate. She told me she already had Auggie's info so all she needed was ours, which didn't make much sense because Ian already has health insurance through them. Well, a month ago I got a 900$ medical bill in the mail from the hospital and I called that lady and freaked on her, and she kept telling me she was taking care of it so I believed her. They sent another bill for 900$ today and I got soo mad to the point where I balled my eyes out, because it just never ends, it's always something.

I havent worked in 3months, I had no income whatsoever, their so STUPID, and so is that stupid insurance lady, she put Ian and August on a family plan but left me out of it, and now MassHealth is telling me I dont have a child -.- I'm going to the hospital tomorrow and flipping on that stupid lady, NOT how I wanted to spend my day off but, oh well I guess.

Ian's been kinda mad at me lately, not really mad just, doesn't agree with Auggie sleeping in the bed with us. She falls asleep around 11 or 12 in her swing in the living room (she hates her crib) then she wakes up around 4 or 5 to eat and after she eats I bring her in the bed with us. I know it'll become a problem in the future if I dont stop but I like when she sleeps with me, it makes me happy. I have more of a problem now then I think she ever will, I never want her to sleep in her bed, I want her to sleep in mine ):

I hope Rosie texts me in the morning to go for a walk, because if she doesn't, I don't like I'll go for a walk at all. My food journal has been coming along, not dieting yet, just what I normally eat to show Bowman. I must say, 2 cookies for breakfast sounds pretty good to me (;


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