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few hours alone

I would of updated later on but Ian gets out of work today at 3 and we will finally have some time together. Rosie came over this morning to get August, her and Brandon are taking her to the zoo today while I try and get some errands done. I need to clean the house, do some laundry, and make a trip to the south end at some point. I hope I can get a manicure at some point too, I think I deserve it.

I straightened my hair this morning, I'm trying to think of little ways to make myself feel better considering all my confidence went out the window after looking at my stomach when August was born. It's all stretched out and I gained 50lbs when I was pregnant so it's really hard to lose it all, especially when Ian eats whatever he wants and doesnt gain a pound.

Before I got pregnant I could eat 3 packages of cookies and not gain a pound, now, if I eat one cookie I gain 5 pounds -.- I guess all my hormones changed after having a baby so bye bye fast metabolism. My uterus is still all swollen too so I still look 5months pregnant, it's weird. My weight kinda bounces from 154-160. I've never been so heavy in my life, it bothers me.

Now that I'm back at work it's hard to motivate myself to go for walks because I'm soo tired after work, my feet KILL. My feet never bothered me before I got pregnant, now if I work a 9hr shift, it feels like I have knives in my heels. Maybe I need to get new shoes too, who knows.

I need to find a reaaaally good stretch mark reducer product, BAD. I've heard of so many of them but I don't know which one works, I don't want to go through 12 of them and finally find the right one, hm.

Its really nice out, I should hurry up and finish my laundry! bye!


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