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its not about taylor anymore

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all new me

It's so weird that a person so small could change your whole outlook on life. Before I was so concerned with everyone else and all their problems, but August made me realize it's not about that anymore. Its about my family, making money and keeping myself happy without the help from anyone else. I was on maternity leave for about 3months, I recently went back Wednesday and it was tough, it still is. I miss August and being home with her all the time. Work sucks, I'm ignored and I'm already overwhelmed with times, weights, etc. I'm glad T gave me good hours though, I can't complain.

Its only 10:30 and Im exhausted, I feel like an old person :P I wish Auggie was as tired as I am right now. Shes hungry, then shes not, then shes tired, then shes crying, all in the matter of seconds. This child refuses to let anyone sleep it seems! Oh well, I still love her (:

Too bad my kitchen isnt done, and too bad Mum's shepards pie made my belly hurt =/ gnight!


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